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Bonjour Garden - Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner
Grand Chef Yukichi Matsubara
It is surely very rare to meet a master baker or should that be a ‘Boulanger’, a baker in the classic French style, who comes originally from Kobe, Japan. But then Grand Chef Yukichi is no ordinary baker, far from it. After studying his craft in Tokyo and working at Kimuraya Bakery, he was inevitably drawn to Paris, France, with its great tradition of gourmet baking, to fulfil his destiny as a master of the Patissier’s art. This he did at the famous Boulangeri au 140, Paris.

Such is Grand Chef Yukichi’s knowledge of his craft that he has even authored a book ‘Latest Style of Boulanger Desserts’. He has also confirmed his credentials as a master in his field with his success in the internationally screened Japanese television show, Iron Chef, Bakery Skills.

Thus his customers at Bonjour Garden are in the very fortunate position to enjoy the extensive culinary skills of Grand Chef Yukichi. Under his expert supervision the bakery at Bonjour Gardens offers its customers around 70 different bakery items, from classic French pastries, to all manner of hard and soft breads, Asian bakery items and more delicious temptations. And as Grand Chef Yukichi is also GM of Bonjour Gardens, we can rest assured that standards will never slip under his devoted attention.

Chef Abd Gaffar B. Paiman

Chef Gaffar has a passion, a passion that has taken him around Malaysia and farther afield, as far as Dublin, Ireland in fact. His passion, Italian and French cuisine.

Originally from Johor Baru Chef Gaffar moved to Singapore in his early days to learn his trade in the kitchens of a five star hotel there. This was only the start, with later assignments in other five star hotel kitchens in Penang and in Kuala Lumpur, where he also studied culinary arts at college. Clearly though his desire to learn more about European cuisine meant he sooner rather than later ended up in London for two years and then Dublin for a further six months too, where he broadened his knowledge of western cooking styles and techniques.

Now overseeing the kitchen at Bonjour Garden, he presides over an extensive European menu specialising particularly in French and Italian cuisine, with a number of other classics such as full breakfast menu in a more British style. With his devotion to this style of cooking, the kitchen at Bonjour Garden is in safe hands and its customers can look forwards to always enjoying the best of European cuisine and at very competitive prices.

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